Black Bean Tacos

These tacos are delicious. I used to hate beans but over the past year or so I have taken a liking to them. After I got over the texture I started enjoying the taste. 

There are a few things I did differently to this recipe:

  • cooked the black beans for a few minutes in a sauce pan before adding them to the rest of the ingredients (make sure you drain the beans too!)
  • added minced garlic, salt and pepper to the black beans as they cooked
  • used a regular onion because they are cheaper 
  • sauted the onions before I added them to the mixture so they weren’t as potent 
  • cooked them extra long to make sure they were crispy

I also did without the sour cream. It’s an unnecessary fat that actually takes away from the taste of the beans and other flavors. 

Make these tacos and enjoy! 



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